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“The truth never really is as it seems to be …”

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SAMI-training tweaking social systems

Social systems – a person, a team, and even an entire organization –determine to a great extent whether your organization is successful or not. Needless to say, as a CEO, director, manager, or employee you are brimming with ambitions. But how do you live up to them? And what obstructions cause you to fail? ? SAMI-training will teach you how to handle obstructive patterns and dynamics. Not only will we look at the structures, processes, and procedures in your organization, but we will also, and first and foremost, pay attention to the human aspect.


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"A unique concept based on old traditions and new insights ..."


SAMI-courses will optimize the capacity to act of teams and individuals in organisations. The focus will on three levels: content, procedures and cooperation processes. Three areas that can make or break each other.

We guarantee tailor-made solutions by using the following triad:

  • The present moment
  • Our SAMI®-model
  • Functional and personal leadership

This triad gives the scope within which we shape our didactical principles.

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We are guiding and coaching private individuals, teams and organisations in their challenges to identify, analyse and overcome dynamics blocking their growth.

We are analytical, frank, provocative, understanding, sometimes even a bit vicious, sharp, strict, friendly and seducing. All needed to address the personal ability to learn.

The chosen exercises and assignments will be focussed tightly on the developmental question at hand.

We can assure you that we will do everything we can do for somebody that really wants to develop and faces the challenges to which he or she needs to respond.

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SAMI training can be your sparring mate to:

  • Clarify and bring order to confusing situations
  • Create robust client and market relationships
  • Decide on difficult decisions
  • Clarify (dis)functional patterns and/or system dynamics
  • Highlight were the next step in the development of the organisation can be

The consultant will move between the fields of being a mentor and coach and being the devil’s advocate.

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